Been playing for about a year, I know scale and some theory etc but i don't actually know any name of chords or whatever

What are say the 1st four i should learn? Just to get me started on something like

1 2 3 4

change chord

1 2 3 4

Change chord

1 2 3 4

Change chord

stuff like that.
There's a lot of sites that show basic chords.

Learn your major G C and D
And Minor Am Em and Dm

Then build on that.
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A D and E i'd say simply because they all have roots on the open strings so are a bit easier to get to grips with.

However, I can't believe you've managed to play for a year and not learn any chords!
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C A D E all down, and know them by names now, also know them past the 12th fret

And Em is fair easy it's just the E without the first fretz

and changes already down to a decent speed between all 4 backwards and foward and from random ones,

I knew the fingering from playing random songs i just didn't actually know them by the name

If someone said to me play an E chord i'd be screwed >_>
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Baiscally the caged chords (C, A, G, E and D.), Some minors (Am, Em, Dm). Once you have those sorted you might want to have a glance over at Barre chords, in particular E/Em shape and A/Am shape Barre chord. F chord is also good.
They were the first I learned.

Go form there depending on your playing style i guess. If you like rock/metal, learn power chords (5th), in particular 6th and 5th string power chords. And if you like blues/country maybe some 7th chords, like G7 for example. Dunno about jazz chords or anything so you might want to look them up.

Anyway I know you asked for 4 but this should keep you busy for a while. You sound like you are describing forced changes on chords which is a good way in my opinion to learn chord changes
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