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My copy of Windows XP SP3 is unbootable due to corruption/damage or something else, so that my only option is to format and reinstall Windows (the repair option is unavailable). I have some data on the hard disk drive that I don't wanna lose; is there a possibility to get a CD with a bootable version of windows on it so that I can boot it and access the hard drives to back the data up?

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unplug the drive and plug it as a slave on another computer that has a working OS.

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or a live linux cd
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Try safemode before anything else!

If your data on the drive is really precious, do as makik said or buy a new HDD and install windows on that one. you can then access your old files since it will be on a secondary drive and not your systemdisk
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unplug the drive and plug it as a slave on another computer that has a working OS.

This should work.

What I did when this happened to me is remove the drive, stick it in a dock thingy which basically turns internal HDs into external ones, ran a chkdsk and then copied everything I needed.
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