Can the roland cube 60 do metal? im going to be doing gigs soon(ish) and need a new amp, so is this amp good for metal and if its not could it be boosted to do metal? I can get this amp very cheap which is why im asking. Thanks in advance.
Of all the modellers the cube is the best for metal IMO (excluding tube vypyrs) but it's still essentially an oversized practise amp. What kind of budget do you have?
Well, i dont really have a budget a friend offered me his cube 60 for £100, so im considering getting it and for the price it seems quite good.
is it just me that hates the cube series on these forums?

whats your budget?
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I own this amp and i think the cleans are really good for a ss. But imo the distortion on this sounds like a bucket of nails in a meatgrinder. I think its really really awful.
But hey, try it out for yourself and if you like it then ignore what everyone else thinks about it.
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The cube is a nice amp for practice!

But I wouldn't gig with it
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If you're looking for a bedroom/practice amp, then yes it is excellent for metal, i would just go with the 30 version though, plenty for the bedroom.
Even if you don't like it - sell it on. I sold my 30 watt cube for that much.

To a guy, in a van, with a dog. Driving a very long way.

But, on another great side - he said prices were going up. He said "I couldn't believe I found one going for this cheap, in immaculate condition!"

However - I personally found it didn't quite get my tone for metal, but thats because it copies the Rectifier, which personally isn't my favourite amp. Far from it. But closest I got to my tone.