hey, i have a cort evl z6 and a peavy vypyr 30. I am happy with them both but i am having trouble with the sound of the distortion produced.
It doest quite sound right, compared to many of my friends guitars.
I just want to ask: what settings is your amp set to? just to give me a basis to start with. thanks
What doesn't sound quite right about it?
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what amps and guitars are your friends using. if they aren't the same then there s bound to be differences in sound. a tube amp will sound different from a digital amp like yours as well. more facts will help us determine how to help you.
Why don't you try the scooped EQ settings? Bass and treble all the way up, mids all the way down. That's a pretty good basis I think.

And get that manual of your Peavy to aid you, that picture of the panel alone freaks me out...

Ask your friends about their gear, probably it's different than yours.
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my friends are all using the same pedal.
one mate has a cheep little 15w - $50 amp and it seems to sound better than my equipment.
I just wanted a basis to start off so i can try and figure out something thats right for me.
The distortion is always heavy, no matter what. EXAMPLE.. ive been learning songs like Glasgow kiss (john P.) and beat it (original) and any distortion i use just seems to heavy for these songs. Ive been through all the settings on my pedal and my amp with and without the pedal and still... I cant get what i want
what pedal are you using and are you running thru the clean section of your amp? if you're trying to push your amp in distortion mode with a pedal then your problem lies there. i would think that the vypyr has plenty of distortion modes and wouldn't need a pedal on top of it. check the instruction manuel (or download it if you don't have it) and perhaps that will explain your problem.
i have a zoom g2.1u running through a clean channel on the vypyr. I have the pedal for gigs etc.