Hey everyone, I have a slight problem, my G string buzzes quite a lot on the 2nd fret, nowhere else, you can hardly hear the note. The b string also buzzes a bit and I don't know why it's only that fret and those strings??? thanks
Is it anywhere else on those 2 strings or just those frets in particular

Either 1 of 2 things

1) your not fretting correctly. Like your finger is not behind the fret or you are not pressing down enough. If its just those frets it could be this

2) Your "action" is a bit messed up on those strings. Basically its too low and the string is vibrating of the next fret below it. Turn the guitar on its side and fretting the 2nd fret of the G, look a little further down the string. Is it touching or hitting it when the string is plucked? if it is then the action is too low. I have a guide to correct it somewhere using the bridge but i cant find it at the moment. A local guitar shop might be able to sort it, maybe at a small fee though. If its the whole string buzzing regardless of fret it is this.

Hope that helps

Edit: Oh or 3) you could be plucking the string too hard. Strange I know, but I found sometimes that if I strum really hard, its starts to buzz. Particularly the top strings
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Thanks yeah i think it's the action I'll go and get it raised slightly Thanks haha

Could also be a bent neck, though unlikely.. chances are it is the action - easy to fix on your own.. Its the intonation that is a b#$%^