Hey, hope everyone is going well

In my, shall we say, foolish youth, I uploaded a ridiculousy incorrect tab, for the song "Alright Tonight" by James Blunt


I do not exaggerate when I say the tab is completely wrong. I could barely hold a guitar when I submitted the tab, let alone work out chords. Yes, I shouldn't have submitted it in the first place. I was young, inexperienced and foolish. I won't make the mistake again.

I have "reported" the tab a few times previously (three times this year I believe) and each time, with my reasons for it's deletion outlined, but I have not been contacted any time, and the tab remains unchanged.

So I come here, to ask whether there is any method by which I can delete the tab myself or can a mod please do it for me?

There's no reason to keep embarassing the excellent archive of tabs UG is home to, or myself, by this completely incorrect tab

In summary
  • My "Alright Tonight" tab is completley incorrect
  • It's an embarassment to both UG and myself
  • It merits immeadiate deletion!

Thanks guys

I'm Sam