Hey , im new to the community and this is awsome, but im in a bit of a problem.
Basically ive been playing for about a year now, so im very new but have a major love for what i do. So as im new i use a practice amp which is the Marshall 30MG series , (the new one) , and i use an Encore Blaster Series Strat. Now i know this guitar sounds crap, but for a £179 First guitar , its done well and has allowed me to play very versatile sounds and its quite good. Basically , i really need to get a Synyster Gates sound or should i say a good, strong, Metal sound thats good for songs such as Avenged Sevenfolds. I would say Rage against the machine are my favourite band of all time, and as i used to use Tom morellos settings with a couple of minor adjustments , i got bored with the Bombastic sound that it gives and as im in a new band thats creating a mix of Hardcore, Hard Rock, Rage/Avenged sound, i need to get that sweet metal sound thats got some good gain to sound awesome XD.
Oh and i know my guitar isnt really suited for that n'all , but i want to get the Schecter Demon 6 Fr, very soon , so (: .
Thanks A Bunch Guys, All help appreciated .
please use the ultimate settings thread for your settings questions. i think there should be some settings in there that should help you get started as well.