listen to loads of bollywood!

Edit: actually my parents listen to bollywood, theres no sitar there, I woudl sugggest the same as above
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Im not that into Ravi Shankar actually I've listend to some of his stuff, I prefer other types of sitar music
Haunt eBay for a Coral Electric Sitar. It's an electric guitar with a special bridge to get a Sitar-y sound; quite popular years ago when Ravi Shankar hit these shores.
Guys...he said he wasn't that interested in Ravi Shankar...My only recommendation would be to check out some actual 'classical' (?) sitar music, like, from India (and such countries?) itself. You should know though, that learning sitar requires a massive amount of dedication. It's not like a guitar. It's eastern music (I think that's what it's called). Their scales use quarter tones, and so does that instrument. But then again, you said you wanted to get into sitar music...not playing.

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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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I dont know much about classical music, but those guys are in freaking sane! 'Sitar Music' would give western music theory a head ache.
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