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Based of of Image. And what is your favorite based off of style/skill.

My favorite bassist because of his image is Nikki Sixx, the basses he plays are amazing, love the style of the 80's he just has a rocker edge to him and he's my favorite image of a bassist and is my main influence in alot and is why i picked up bass but he isnt that good a bassist.

But my favorite for skill/style of playing is either Robbie Merrill (Godsmack) or Rex Brown (Pantera) because i love thier tones and thier overall just damn good bassists.

I figured somthing like this would spice up the old favorite bassist threads and actually make people think "well why is he my favorite?"
Geezer, he is just so awesome. Also, he played in Black Sabbath, so that is why.
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Flea just because I'm a Red Hot Chili Pepperaholic.

He looks kickass and puts lots of energy into his playing and performances. He is also very skilled.

Wonder when someone will say Victor Wooten or Cliff Burton.

Bootsy rocks!!!

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Justin Chancellor, Victor Wooten, John Myung.
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Image: Marco Hietala. Just look at that awesome beard and those beautiful Warwicks.

Style: Stanley Clarke
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based on image i have to say Nikki Sixx he's just cool, on actual sound i really like Duff Mckagen or Steve Harris, sometimes Geddy Lee
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Well I love Cliff Burton for both his style and his sound. I know someone will be like 'He's not that great, blah, blah' but I love him all the same aha. But I also love Arif Mirabdolbaghi's sound. He's a tank on that thing.
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cliff burton is my favorite for both style & sound (anesthesia pulling teeth) & paul gray cause he was one of the reasons i began playin bass and i think he had a cool sound and i really like his slap playing on do nothing/bitchslap from mfkr

both may rest in peace..

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Al Cisneros, Scott Reeder, Geezer Butler and Martin Mendez, for both style and skills :p
For style, it would have to be Bootsy, i mean c'mon, just try and beat that

For skills, my top few would be Wooten for obvious reasons, Miller for his slap and burton
Dan Briggs is probably my favourite.

Really does something different, the way he weaves in and out of the guitarists is brilliant. Also has a beautiful tone.
flea, victor wooten, robert trujillo and cliff burton. I can't really decide who's my favourite. I love all of them.
For image I think Chris Wolstenholme. He looks like he's barely doing anything while he plays but he still plays some badass basslines.

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Dan Briggs is probably my favourite.

Really does something different, the way he weaves in and out of the guitarists is brilliant. Also has a beautiful tone.

+10 billion.

For looks, Claypool. He permanently looks like he's just dropped acid and decided to change his clothes to suit.

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Image/look: Hmm... I think I have to say Troy Sanders. He just looks badass!

Skills: I'm a huge Between the Buried and Me fanboy, but that's not the only reason why my favorite bassist is Dan Briggs. Some of his bass lines are surprisingly lead-like without going over the top and still keeping the rhythm. He's just awesome.

Another bassist I really like/liked is Jason Newsted.
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Mark Alan Hoppus , Cone Mcaslin , Mike Dirt , Robert Truillio , ...

Yes to the Mark Hoppus! He seems like such a great dude.

And I love your sig! That was definetley Mark's best bit in the urethra chronicles

For me, style/skill wise, it would have to be Matt Freeman of Rancid. I mean, listen to his solo in Maxwell Murder. He's just that damn good.
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Tim Commerford, Flea, Michael Manring and Mic Todd.
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Cliff Burton
Geddy Lee
Victor Wooten
John Myung
Jason Newsted
Rob Trujilo
Image: Joshua Tree era Adam Clayton

Sound: The ideas of people like Flea, Berry Oakley, and Entwhistle and the reserve of people like JPJ, Jeff Ament, and John Stirratt
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I realised I missed image wise...

Again, I think I'd have to say Dan Briggs. Just a basic style, just like me. Also love his orange Spector with black hardware.

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