Been a while since I've done any recording, so need some input. I've been messing around with some new ideas, tones, and mixes. I know the drums are a bit much in the mix and also need a high pass filter for the crash. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Mix Test 1
I don't know about a highpass for the crash. Just sounds too loud and has too much sustain. The drums overall are about where they should be, although if you want to, I don't think cutting half a dB or so could hurt. They get repetitive at the beginning, throw some fills in there. That guitar tone is really nice for the genre, I don't really have any suggestions there. Bass sounds good. Overall it's definitely close to where it needs to be, just get those drum issues worked out and get some vocals on that!
After listening through different monitors, the crash isn't as bad as I originally thought. I think you're right though, the drums as a whole still need to be cut a hair. I didn't actually use a bass for the bass parts. The bass was recorded with a guitar, just messed around with EQ's for a while to fill the low end frequencies. It sorta worked... for just a demo I didn't mind. Thanks for listening and commenting! Really appreciate it.
I think the overall high mid might need to come down a smidge on the master, drop the snare a tad along with the overheads and Robert's your mother's brother. Nice tune too.