Every god damn time i put new strings on my fender stratocaster MIM within 2 days the strings are black as the night sky

ive used the fast fret and polisher

but nothing seems to work

help please!
You might just have really acidic sweat...

1. what type of strings do you use?

2. do you wipe the strings off after you use the cleaner? Cuz i just use water on a microfiber cloth and wipe off the strings and it works quite well.
Look into elixir electric guitar strings
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You suffer from acidic hand sweat, just like I do. Check out Elixirs; they are a life saver.

One thing to note, dont bother buying them from guitar shops, they'll charge you approx £13.50, at least the ones round here do :/

Best thing to do is buy em off the internet, I get mine of this eBay shop which sells em for £7.50, £1 postage.
wash your hands before you play too
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i used elixir before i dont like them but they did last longer though

I used Darridro's or whatever strings i will not buy them again!

Acidic sweat? and ok ill wash my hands :P

i need the fret borad clean to theres stains on it
I've never heard of that before. That's crazy.

Elixir is probably your best bet, but Ernie Ball now makes coated strings. It might be worth a shot . . .