Like, Vypyr vs. Spider? I would have to say Spider since i've never tried a Vypyr. But Peavey Tube amps (3120,6505,JSX) are AMAZING compared to the Spider Valve which is total shit.
I have a Vypyr and my friend has a Line 6 Spider IV. I bought the Vypyr because I didn't care much for his amp.

Line 6's have a ton of effects, but 90% of them aren't worth anything. You can get some really nice sounds out of the Vypyr.

Mathias Arp does some nice stuff with the Vypyr.

Here's one of his videos:
Line 6 Spider vs. Peavey 5150, Peavey wins.

Peavey Vypyr vs. Line 6 Vetta, Line 6 wins.

It all depends on the models, not the brands. Unless you're talking about First Act or Ibanez amps.
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