I'm ditchin the EMG's on my LTD EC-1000 and getting some BareKnuckle Nailbombs next week. My friend who is pretty handy with guitars is going to change my circuitry from active to passive. He's ordering 2 push/pull pots for coil splitting (2 volumes, 1 tone) and another for the tone. We're also getting a new mono jack, and I believe I needed some caps, but I'm not sure what kind or how many.

Can anyone give me an exact list on what I'll need or what I missed? Thanks

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are u just looking for the wiring set?
they have pre-made wiring warness kits on ebay
id recommend getting em... MUCH cheaper
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The standard would be 500k pots and a .022 μF tone cap (since you said you have one tone control). But if your friend is handy with guitars, he should know what you need.