Hey guys,
I'm having a bit of trouble with this moveable Cmaj9 chord.

e - X
B - 3
G - 4
D - 2
A - 3
E - X

What would you say the best way to mute the thin e string is?

At the moment my third finger is on the B string on the very tip (near the nail.) so that the pad of the finger mutes the e.
Although I accidently muted the e with the side of my first finger by having my hand too close to the neck of the guitar.
I was thinking is this a mistake? (As I know you shouldn't hold the guitar like that.)
Or as it's an easier way should I mute the e string that way?

Is there any other way of muting it?

Thanks for your help in advance.
Well I dont quite know what you mean about having your hand too close to the guitar. I have small hands and in the only way thats comfortable for me to voice that chord I mute the low E with my index finger naturally.

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I play that same shape a ton. Just don't pick the high E. Simple as that. Just practice strumming slowly and ending after you pick the B. If you're fingerpicking, there shouldn't be a problem

I'm assuming that you're playing on clean though. If the open string is ringing out with distortion, I'd just tilt my wrist back a bit (towards the ground) so that your fingers are slightly flatter on the strings and you can mute the high E.
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Assuming my fingering is the same as yours

I found it eaiser to mute the thin e string with the my index finger gently resting on top of it. Couldnt do it with any other way that was comfortable.

How close is you hand to the neck? I think it is fine as long as you are not resting your hand directly on the neck.

Cheers for showing me a new chord btw =)
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Cheers guys.

VeilOfMaya. I do use a pick. And play acoustic, so distortion isn't too big a problem for me.
My only worry is if I was playing this shape for C#maj9 and I was strumming fast and then accidently hit the e string and BAMN suddenly I've made a major **** up.....
And my guitar career is ruined.......

Also, as the ring finger is curled most it is difficult to flat it on the e string without muting the other strings with the middle finger and little finger...

Glenthemann. By having my hand too close to the guitar I meant the first section of the index finger, closest to the palm, mutes the e string.

It didn't occur to me I could drop my index finger on the string like a barre.....
Damn, its so obvious now!
(Although does require a slight change in hand position.)

EDIT: btw. It's a nice chord isn't it?
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Cmaj9=x35453 ???
easier for me

EDIT : oh sorry, i though typed cmaj 7...

cmaj 9 : x35435
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