Hey UG
I dont know if you'll be able to help me, but i need some help identifying the harsh frequencies on POD Farm whilst i play.
I've recorded myself playing a bit, and put it through a "spectrum analyser", which i hope you could read and identify which frequencies are harsh and giving me fuzz, and how to eliminate them, without losing presence.
Thanks all

EDIT: Picture up in a sec and MP3 on prof
spectrum analyser.jpg
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Yeah, it would be a bit easier if you could upload the actual recording as well.
id pull down the hi's a little from like 3-5 k about 3 db and if u want a more of a gain sound u could drop ur mids down a litle bit the low end is ok
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put up a 7band eq set the q so fine surgical style,bring the gain up to max and sweep throught the band to find it then cut it right out so see if that helps then bring it up a bit
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