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i am in need of a realtime synthesizer for a live cover of still alive. i need something to get my singer's voice remotely close to GLaDOS. please help.

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You could try something like the Bitcrusher effect in garageband. It reduces the quality of the sound down from 24 bits o 1 bit. If you have a computer that you can use on stage, you could probably find a program with a similar effect.
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Is it Autotune or a vocoder?

EDIT. You could try running the voice through auto-tune with a +1 octave filter. The actual voice was created using a text-to-speech program.
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I think the voice actor describes how she did it in the commentray on the game, Portal, which is where GlaDOS is from. I doubt everyone here knows what GlaDOS actaully is.
No matter how perfectly you get the pitch matched, it won't sound the same because of the way that the text to speech program used to make her voice talks.

Also, why cover this live? Very few, if any, people in the audience will actually understand it.

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Talkboxes and vocoders wouldn't have the right effect. The best way is to just use auto-tune with an instant pitch snap setting (the T-pain setting). Then you would have to just talk in pitches instead of singing to make it sound monotonous, or you could set a midi sequence in autotune that follows the song.