i have just bought a 2 year old VOX AC30CC2x (the one with blue celestion speakers) without having ever played one. i usually do some extensive testing before buying any new equipment but this seemed to good to be true.

i have played a few vox amps before and liked them but always thought they were a bit expensive. so when i found out some guy was selling one for £200 i jumped at the opportunity.

just wondering what people think of this amp and the idea is that if i dont like it i can sell it and maybe make money of it also i dont think its damaged as i know the guy whos selling it through a friend of a friend sorta thing.

i play a lotta rock from hendrix to guns n roses to ac dc what are your opinions of this amp ?
Gain-wise it should work for what you play, if not (like for GnR), just boost it.
However, it won't sound much like the bands you listed.
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£200 for one of the best amps around? Nice score.
If you don't like it it probably needs new valves.
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You could easily sell it for 800 if you don't like it, most likely. But throw a nice drive pedal in there and you could get in the gain realm, but tonally it's completely different. My friend wants one for his clean tone though
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

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Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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