Im planing to build a guitar and i need your little help.

The guitar I'm planing to build will be like ESP Horizon (neck throu)
Mahogany neck / Basswood all the rest

Bridge: Kahler fixed bridge 7330 with double lock
Pick-ups: Dimarzio Bridge-Tone Zone / Neck-Super Distortion
Keys: Die Cast

I'm planning to use these guitar as rythm guitar. I play mostly punk (Rise Against,Millencolin,Pennywise etc.) and some Japanese pop rock / pop punk. So my question is...
Is this kind of wood and hardware will do or I need to change something?
Mahogany would be a better choice for the body if your doing mainly rhythm work, imo.
Check out the tonewood thread for more info.

Other then that, seems fine.
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ohspyro89... What do you mean by choice pickup more wisely???
I was thinking that Dimarzio have very good pickups?

End yes I'm planing to paint it...I think about Confederation flag but not with red background but with Carmasine metalic or something similar.
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