Hey I was looking into these and really really like them, but it seems like they are discontinued (are they?) or are very rare. Anyways after looking up reviews and demos I think this is the amp for me however, I haven't tried one out in person and not sure if I would be able too. Anyways I wanted your guys opinion of what I should do: if I should just buy off the internet w/o trying it out, or do I really need to try it before buying. Also, if anyone has had any experience with these I would really like to here your opinion on the amp. I play alt rock, indie, some grunge, and hard rock. Very very little metal. Thanks
i don't think they are discontiued at the moment, but anyways, i bought mine sight-unplayed off ebay and am really happy with mine.its loud, clear, not overly fuzzing and does all the styles you mentioned plus more with clarity (important for funk)

i will mention that because of the speaker and it and the tubes being new, its very brite.....soooo turn that tone knob down.

best combo amp for the money ($650 shipped)
Whens I was doing research I couldn't find them on musiciansfriends or guitarcenter for some reason so thats why I was just wondering but yea I found one for a pretty good deal like $799 i think. Thanks for the comment anyone else?