Just bought a Hohner Special 20 harmonica in C. The thing is that it seems to me that there's a problem with the 10th hole because there won't come any sound out of that hole if I don't blow hard. If I don't blow hard in it, there won't come any sound at all.
Though the sound comes if you inhale. So the problem is only when you blow.

I suck at harmonicas, so it might just be me, I don't know. So I turn myself to you guys: what might the problem be?
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I mess around with harmonicas and a lot of times when I don't suck in a certain fret right, it makes this kind of airy sound and very hard to hear, I've never had this problem blowing in before, but I guess it could happen.

Does this problem only happen when your playing one note at a time, cuz thats the only time my harmonica ever does this?
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I've had 2 somewhat cheap harmonicas and both of them have had some trouble blowing sounds the higher the notes get. I have to blow extra hard to get the 10th hole to sound, but it's normal on the draw. Try blowing really hard and see if you can get any pitch at all, it may just be a common problem among entry-level harmonicas. If it still won't work, try returning it for a new one. If you have no luck returning it, don't fret, I don't believe I've ever had to go up that high, it tends to sound more annoying then nice.
They're probably leaking. Reeds are probably poorly gapped out of the box, it happens quite a bit. Harmonicas generally don't have the best quality control in production. Take off the covers with a screwdriver and look at the top reedplate. Chances are the 10th reed will be a little further off the plate than the others. Carefully bend it from the base until it's a little more uniform with the others. If you want you can actually regap all the reeds for better playability. Basically, bend them so they're close enough to blow easily but not so close that they seal. Don't try it right away though, it'll take some experimentation and right you probably just wanna mess around with it, lol.