Hey UG,
Im going to GC today to check out their 4th of July sale. I'm looking for an OD that I can use to fatten up the sound of my B52 AT112 and boost it to be a little more "in your face." I play mostly NWOBHM, particularly Judas Priest, with a lot of American Hair Metal and Metallica thrown in. Can anyone suggest me a pedal that's either pretty transparent or does the above genres well?
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Ibanez TS9/TS9DX, TS808, maybe Maxon but they are quite a bit more expensive..

Look around locally for a used vintage Tubescreamer, I found a Ibanez STL from like, '85 for $50 at a small shop and it sounds awesome. Not the highest quality but the sound is definitely better than a DS-1 or something for the same price lol
Maxon OD808 is a great pedal. I have also heard good things about the bad monkey which is only $50
what kind of palm muting is best for metal?
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the OD comes to personal taste so try them out first. i was looking for a TS808 and a Maxon 808 at first but they just raise the distortion level very little it mostly increased the sustain for me.

i tried a Hardwire OD and wasn't too impressed with it.

at the end i got a metal muff because i felt you could from kind of ac/dc tone to a very nasty heavy distortion in your face huge sound kind of like jeff loomis.

but try it out first and also is bad ass that you can hit the distortion and the hit the top boost to even get louder distortion
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believe it or not, the boss sd1 is actually a really good sounding overdrive for the price http://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss-SUPER-OverDrive-SD-1-Pedal-100312507-i1124489.gc
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