says it in the title, but it is the matte finish 3 tone sunburst and HSS pups,, (very nice looking ) but i want to make it look better, and at the moment I am thinking of getting a tortoise pickguard with white pup covers,

what is your opinion on that or what you recommend

always loved that combo, maybe even aged white pup covers?
I have an 06 Highway One, sunburst, rosewood neck with 3 single coils. I tried the tortoise cover for a bit and liked it, but eventually switched back to the white pickguard with all black knobs, pup covers, switch etc. I think yours might have came that way, but i'm not sure. Both combo's look real good.

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Personally I'd go with a black pickguard, but I'm not keen on most alternatives.

Anodized Aluminium could be pretty cool.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.