I have an Alexi 600. When i bought it from the store, (used) the tremolo/bridge was set for it to hold E standard tuning. Can someone explain to me how to set it up so that i can play in Drop C? Because when i tune it down, for some reason the strings get really really tight/ or the high E string snaps. I can't afford to keep snapping strings. Please help!
Take it to a tech, it'll cost much less to have them do it than to have you guess and break another bunch of strings.
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Try asking here.



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Yeah i know, but it's really expensive. It's a Floyd Rose and apparently that's too hard for techs to do so its gonna cost an arm and a leg.
You have to take the plate off the back of the guitar that is covering the spring cavity for the tremolo. The springs should be hooked to a metal bar that has two screws going into the guitar. You have to loosen those screws to detune the guitar without throwing the action and intonation out of whack. The reason your high E string keeps breaking is because the tension between the springs and guitar aren't balanced, so the bridge bends backwards as the strings loosen. Because the springs are still tight for standard tuning, they pull the bridge back into the guitar. It's a bit of a game, but with a combo of thicker strings (10-46's are pretty good for drop C on a Floyd Rose) and adjusting the spring tension, you should be able to fix in about an hour.
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