Hi all new member here I have had my dunlop wah for about 6 or 7 months and i just put a new 9 volt in and when i turn it on it it cuts out completely i can play through it fine when its turned off its just when i turn it on
Probably you swapped the plus and minus and roasted some transistors installing the bettery? I think it must've had a protection from that...
ive always put the battery in the right way and it has worked fine up until now
Have you checked with a different battery to see if it's just a dud battery?
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
You could have a faulty switch.

Do you have a multimeter?

If it has a continuity test on it, you can verify the switch is working or not.

Make sure you're getting voltage at the board where the battery clip + connects to the board.
a cont. tester will still beep even if there are several hundred ohms of resistance (although the beep gets higher in pitch as the resistance goes up).

i always use an ohm meter on the smallest range. it'll tell you if a switch contact has some resistance. that resistance, being in series with the signal, forms a voltage divider and that can cause alot of odd problems that you wouldnt expect from just a switch.