Alright, well I posted this yesterday, but I broke one of the thread title rules, so I have to re-post it with an appropriate thread title I guess. I'm a beginner with poetry and lyrics in general, so if you have any pointers, I'd really take them to heart since I'm new to it all. C4C

The aesthetic blend of nature and space
flow within the electrons and protons in my mind
The early afternoon sun peaks into the dried out room
4 walls in which I die in, these 4 walls hold my doom.

The smoke stagnant air is breathable
Beckoning for you to join
Released upon a gaze, you stare back into space
Though the nights are dark enough here,
Someone wishes it was darker elsewhere.

Forgetful and intrusive, nothing new to this world.
Another pretty face, used and cheap like every other girl.
I can promise you everything I have, but if it's not enough I'll understand.
The stars shed their light on dreary souls to walk along the galaxy's lonely road.

The sounds of the footsteps forever fading
Cold, hard concrete imitating
What we all wish we heard

Gazes of hope slowly dissipating
Bereaved eyes wiping away the pain
It's an understandable misconception
when you think you'll one day find happiness.

I can feel your breath, your presence.
Shadows follow me everywhere, with everything I do.
They only take me back to better days with you.
Forced back into reality, a knock on the door.
Thrusted back into this world
Although my being is lost within yours.

Yes, poop.
Kinda scientific theme? "electrons and protons ", you REALLY should change that 0,0. Other than that, will work good for some cool metal song