I'm talking about the motion of picking to an adjacent string on opposite strokes.

I notice that, after practicing scales, arpeggios, and a few cross-picking exercises, that my motion is too big

How big should it be? Even when going from up-down, some bounce has to be involved as to not hit the string again.
Hope this makes sense...
Just try to minimise the motion as much as you can, through slowing it down and observing what you're doing. There's no real set 'size' the motion of your picking arc should be, but obviously you want to have less rather than more to get economy of movement into your playing.
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I had the same problem
1 big time of practice 5 hours per day only on that specific point with many licks.
2 Start where you exactly follow the click on a Three notes per sting lick, on technical difficulties, on Scarified bar 169-172... and go up progressively.
3 think about economic picking movement while you play alternate. This one is kind of weird but it's exactly what Zed45 told, minimize your movement and try to fast up your wrist on this exact moment.
4 watch those perfect movements on 0:11, 0:13... : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES1RypBww_g and try to inspire yourself with other examples.
Alternate Picking Bounce don't have to be big but faster than others, kind of wrist = whip.
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