hey guys, I have an issue when I sweep with my metal muff I end up making mini quiet quick artificial harmonics. This bothers me because I don't get this on my OD, Fuzz, or clean. All other tones for me it sounds decent. I broke it down and can't nail the problem!!! I know it is something with right hand muting and that's all the further I deduced. If you understand what I am talking about please help.
On your guitar, lower the tone to 0, this will prevent any harmonics from playing. This is probably because pinch harmonics are made by gently touching the string with your thumb finger and when sweeping you're basically muting notes on every string and sometimes you can create those. But really I have no idea what I'm talking about.
As far as my knowledge goes, the metal muff produces really rich harmonics

Every sound has a fundamental tone and it's "surrounded" by harmonics or overtones (for example, the natural harmonics in the 5th, 7th and 12th fret of a guitar)

The metal muff makes those harmonics a bit "louder", that's probably the reason why you get those slight harmonics, you might need to practice on your muting technique so you don't touch the places where those harmonics are being produced
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Be sure to play with your neck pickup when you sweep. It helps.

For tone maybe, for practice you should always do it in the hardest conditions; if you can get it to sound good and clean when it's difficult then when it's easy it should sound awesome.
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