Hello everyone, well I'm new on this forum and I allready start with a little problem I have.

Basically I started playing guitar a bit less than a year ago and I'm still a beginner obviously and I don't know much about guitar theory. The thing is I first boug an Epiphone Special II because I thought it looked good and I wanted something cheap cause I didn't know if I would stick to playing guitar.

After a while, I was playing allmost everyday, and this guitar being really pretty bad. I was sad I didn't spend a couple more hundred bucks to get a decent one.
So I thought "okay I'm gonna get some a good brand guitar, with good quality, so I'm good for the next 5 years". I picked a PRS SE semi-hollow (tobacco finis) because it fitted my budget and was the most versatile guitar I could get for the money.
I also changed my amp because I had a shitty 60$ fender frontman that made horrible noise.

My only real problem is that I still feel like selling it and buying something new. I think it looks quite good, and it does everything quite well, but everytime I see a guitar I'm like "god this looks good !".

I saw this cool white Fender Jaguar HH classic player, and I was like "Wow this one looks so good !". Then there's also this cool Eastwood GP, or these exrtemely good looking Maton (but can't get em in europe) etc... I even saw some really cool Firebirds.
Basically there are a few shapes I don't like, especially telecasters, flying v and explorer... but anything that looks unusual will catch my eye and I'm like "I want it ". Plus there are so many different cool sound I can get.

So how do you guys reason yourself from not selling your guitar for a new one every six mounth
Cause seriously there's nothing wrong with my current one, it just doesn't look or sound like a SG/Jaguar etc., but it's a pretty good guitar ^^.
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Welcome to the world of half the people here

A lot of stuff is just 'woahh i want that' but I never actually need it. I usually wait a couple of months or so, and if i'm still mad about it, i'll usually save up for it. Though most of the time it's just a passing phase of obsession with a certain guitar.

Oh and you don't have to sell your old guitar just to get another one, nothing wrong with keeping your last guitar, it's good to have some variation in your collection.
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That's normal. I want every guitar I see in a shop to be in my room, but that ain't gonna happen.
Yeah but the thing is I'm a student so I can't really afford that :p. Plus I'm a realtively bad player since I'm a beginner, so really, it's kind of wasting my money ^^.

I think I might need a therapist :p.
Dude,everyone here's been there.In fact,most of us are still there.Just make sure not to make any hasty decisions,especially if you're happy with your guitar try to start your collection with guitars that feel right playing and are suited for the music that you play.If you keep focusing on guitar to get good,that is.If you want to collect guitars (I know people who do that as a hobby and don't really play them much) try to get some nice pieces,save up for them.
If you're still unsure wether or not to keep playing,just do nothing and wait till you decide.
yeah i have that same problem i want so much guitar gear i cant afford
i fixed it by building my own
now i have a different problem i need more tools to build these
its a neverending cycle
Hehe ... Actually It's funny because there are the things you "need" which are allready quite a few, like some new guitar effects etc. And there are the things you absolutely don't need, but want really badly ^^.

Of course I could use another guitar because I like to play very different styles and different tunings, which is kinda hard especially if your guitar doesn't have coil tapped pickups...
But pretty often lowering the volume and playing with the tone on my guitar will do the trick.

None the less I'm still like "wow this is so badass!" hahaha.
Oh, how easier life would be without GAS. It's probably a natural reaction to want something that is better than what you have.

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