I bought this guitar for really cheap... I always wanted to customize a guitar, so I figured this would be a good one to start on... And figured it's easy enough. WRONG ! I cut through the masking too deep... and when I sanded it, I f'ed up the edges. Does anyone have any easy way, or tips on how to fix this ??

mishax Yeah, I was thinking about that... it's gotta be better then what it is now. LOL. I used spray paint for this... What type of paint would I use for the edges ?
Scrape all of that red back off. You can see it hasn't stuck because you didn't scuff the body first.

Wipe it over with thinners to get any other bots off and to clean the guitar, then scuff sand the whole thing in one direction, with 800-1000 grit wet and dry (dry).

Get some 3M Blue painters tape.

Mask up the area that you will cut the design into with that.

Cut the design with a NEW single edge razor or similar.

Peel out the bits. Mask the rest with regular masking tape.

Spray your colour.

Wait for it to dry a bit, (still tacky) then peel the tape carefully, back over itself, so it shears through the paint.

This should give you good straight edges.

You then need to allow it to dry and then clear coat the whole guitar.
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