Hey, Ive recently got into blues, quite heavily. I was wondering what fairly easy blues solos there are that I could learn? As I am just breaking into playing blues music.

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a lot of blues solos are improvisation, you can't go wrong with playing around the pentatonic in the right key. For practice, there are a lot of good blues backing tracks on youtube. not many easy blues solos coming to mind, try something like ccr - travelin band or SRV - cold shot maybe?
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Learn the twelve bar blues if you don't already know them. The twelve bar blues is the staple to both Rock & Roll and Blues. Also, learn your pentatonic scales. They are also an important aspect of playing the Blues. http://12bar.de/beginners_blues.php This website is very helpful. As for solos, it's mostly improvisation within the Pentatonic scales.
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Learn the 12 bar like The3818919 says then play the minor blues pentatonic and the major pentatonic of the base chord and profit greatly. Matching your solo to the current chord is good to do also.

If you want to rip off licks Texas Flood by SRV is a great place to start. Old Love (Unplugged) by Clapton is another great song to steal licks from. The solo is pretty easy to learn too.

From what i have come across blues solos are pretty simple in theory, the artists just do a lot to make them awesome. Like in this live Life Without You jam SRV plays in on one fret bending into a few different notes. All in all you really just have to mess around trying different stuff for a few hours at a time and it will eventually come to you.
Learn all of Dance away and Hideaway by Freddie King
Learn all of Girls Go Wild by the T Birds
Chuck some T Bone and B.B. king in for good measure
Funk it up with albert collins
and bridge it all together with sean costello
A lot of blues players also throw in additional "blue notes" into the minor pentatonic. For instance, sliding from the major third (which is not in the minor pentatonic, and is thus "blue") into the perfect fourth, a difference of only a half step, is a common trick, and I believe even Clapton throws it into his improv.

A quick example in the A minor pentatonic:

The starred note is the blue note here.
Hope this helps. If you don't like improving, then I recommend learning "Wonderful Tonight" and "Cocaine", both by Eric Clapton.