Why do my fingers seem so uncoordinated when playing certain passages? It's almost if my picking hand and fretting hand are doing two seperate things. Also, my fretting hand will not move fast enough and tends to "hit" or sometimes mute unwanted strings. How do I prevent these things from happening?
dude just start slow with everything make sure your technique is perfect and use a metronome..just make sure and have everything you play on you picking hand is coordinated with your fretting hand..what type of stuff were you playing?
Practice whatever passage or pattern your going to play slowly over and over a good few times, that way the muscle memory builds up and you can start playing faster and faster until you get to the speed or tempo you want to be at.
It took me an entire month to get the solo of Sails of Charon down right dude

more than half of that time was working on the same passage over and over and over again till it was right

it happen man. just gotta work at it
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Ye muscle memory being the most important thing here. Practise as slow as it takes for the passage to be perfect and in time, then slowly build up speed