Started working on this a few days ago, but I've come to a roadblock with it. I'm not sure where to head with it next, so I'm just looking for some comments/criticism of what I've got so far. It isn't entirely mixed yet either, so there's a bit of clipping at parts. Thanks.

Song is called New Rock Song in my profile. C4C

I've since added an outro-solo...but it certainly isn't the greatest of playing. I'm not much of a soloist, so it's rather sloppy and just doesn't sound right in my opinion...but it'll do for now as a placeholder for something better.
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Really nice, for some reason I think of water... the sea, or a waterfall, when listening to this so that may be an idea when naming it.
Good layering of guitars, psychedelic feel in some places and really fluent playing - bends and slides are used effectively. The reverb/echo effect used is also a nice addition, really brings the piece to a whole new level.
Structure is different, but it works!

Overall, lots of cool new ideas that work well together - Pieced together with great playing and tone, makes a great piece!
Keep it up!

Comment on mine? c4c, thanks!
I play synth also. The way you described it, I was expecting to hear something rather incomplete. I think it sounds pretty darn good right now. Audio quality could be a tad better. Maybe a few parts sound just slightly repetitive (hard to avoid with sequenced synth stuff). If you make any significant improvements, I would be happy to check it out again. I don't have any brilliant ideas on how to make it better. I guess you might be able to add a few more synth parts here & there, but not much needed. Please review my music at this link:


OK, I just realized I reviewed the wrong song. Up above I reviewed "FL6". For the current song: I'm not wild about the guitar chords at 1:22 to about 1:26, but other than that I think it sounds nice. Yes, you gotta fix that clipping. What guitar effect unit are you using? I'm gonna guess a Boss GT-10?
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This is a good song overall. I would suggest changing that lead line at 10 seconds in, it takes away from the melodic feel. Also, I wouldn't use as many blues licks, maybe mess around more in the natural minor (I believe that's what you were using). Also, when the song starts to pick up, maybe use some heavier distortion on the leads, it'll help build it up more.
I hope some of this was helpful. Good luck on finishing this, I can't wait to hear it.


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Thanks everyone for checking it out, I really appreciate it and commented in each of your threads. I've re-uploaded it with an updated recording that is complete, although I'll probably change it up sometime.

I added a solo to the end and a simple ending. The solo isn't really great, I'm definitely not a great soloing guitarist - so excuse the sloppiness being played, I'll probably change that to something that sounds better and smoother sometime in the future.

Aaron Aardvark - it's a Boss GT-8 I'm using with patches I either made myself or tweaked from one of the stock patches.

Thanks for the suggestions RisingForce. I agree with the buildup as you mentioned - I pictured this song when I was recording it to have a big climax where it gets heavy...but it didn't quite come out like I had hoped.

Thanks again everyone.
This song has a very classy ring to it. Seems like the kinda music that would go with softcore porn I think the lead is too strong in this. Maybe you should beef up the rhythm guitar so it has more presence. It just seems like the lead is hogging all the floor time while the rhythm is like a shadow. @ 2:32 it really picks up with the drums but the lead gets repetitive and rather monotonous.


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I like that drum sound you have, sounds very smooth and dare I say even authentic. I don't know how much is preset and how much is you, but still, great setting. I really dig those guitars, the melodies are ace, and everything sits quite well with me. Sorry I can't be harsher, but I really like this, I see no fault outside of personal preferences. It sounds shoegazey every now and then, obviously this isn't shoegaze, but still, have you heard of that genre?

Anyway, great stuff.

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Thanks JT & Sami.

As you suggested JT, I messed around with the rhythm a bit and double-tracked it some to add some depth to it..sounds a lot better.

Sami Philadelph, the drums I programmed/sequenced all of them myself in Fruity Loops with the stock sounds. Most of them sound fine if you just add some reverb to them and double track it for more punch. And I've never heard of shoegaze before, but I'll check it out. Thanks.

I commented on both of your threads.