A new song, different from my previous compositions. Enjoy! And of course...C4C.

This one doesn't have an official title (yet), as it is part of a concept album I'm writing, entitled "Critique of Pure Reason". With this song I was not focusing on repeated structures, but on a journey, gradually changing riffs to create a more atmospheric whole. The sound effects in during the intro don't really sound right, but as close as I could get. Also, the guitars are actually gradually building up the overdrive (in 3 steps), but that's impossible to do in GP, so I opted to just start with distortion half way through. Same with the clean guitar in the first part of the outro (99-118), this is meant to be played pushing the tubes of the amp a little bit. The last part of the outro with the brass I'm not entirely sure about, maybe that would be better with ambient synth tones instead.... Well, it's hard to do these ambient/soundeffect-heavy songs justice in GP/MIDI, but I hope you enjoy!
Mixed for headphone-listening.

Ok, so that's my crit
The beginning is just scary. You did a really original use of bird tweet.
Then the build-up. It's very tight, nearly dissonant. Sounds a bit like Neurosis and stuff.
There are lots of repetitions but they don't apperared to be boring.
Then the big chorus. It's liberating to hear it. But I don't really appreciate the chord progression you made there. I don't really know why.
The bridge is ok.
I love the part from bar 83. It sounds very sensual (don't ask me why).
The fade out is brilliant. You could have ended it up there, really.
Then more synth, some noise, then a guitar and brass. This is executed with class. It reminds me Sigur Ros's "Ný batterí". Which is one of my favorite song.

Let's summary this:
++ The mixing job here is incredible. I mean you did use MIDI which transforms some of the best music in a 8-bit garbage.
+ The song construction is complex and flows well.
+ The song carries lot of emtions.

- I don't like the chord progression in the main part. I can't tell you how to improve it.
- The outro is a bit long and forced. It's the best part but here it's way too long. Maybe you should begin a new son from bar.135.

Hope it helps. The song here has a big potential if you succeed to record it.
Oh and when you did it, please send it to me. I'm really looking forward to listen to it.

Crit mine:
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