have your local guitar center order you a used amp from another guitar center location for you?

i almost bought a mesa single rec for like 700$ today, but as it turns out they sold it last night like right before close. maybe this is a good thing, because i did a laney search on their site, and there are a few laney tt50s in my price range i was considering. i talked to the guy, and he said they could order it in, i would just have to pay for it when they ordered it, but after they got it in and i got it home, i could return it for a full refund if it isnt what i thought it was. the only thing is, ive never played one before.

but from everything ive heard, laneys sound ****ing amazing. the gh/vh series sound the best. can anyone give me their opinions on the tt50/tt100 vs the gh50/gh100/vh100? do you think a tt50h for around $700 dollars is good? or would it be worth it to wait until they have a vh100r used on the site?

the gh sounds great, but id really like the ability to have two channels with independent eq, like the vh100r offers. i want to be able to go from sparkling clean to crushing overdrive with the footswitch.

on top of that, is there anything else you guys would recommend me looking at in the 700ish dollar range?

thanks guys
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Yeah, sure.

Look into the Mesa Mark III, DC series, F series as well, you can sometimes find them for under $800.
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