Here´s my arrangement of Billy Joel´s classic hit "Just the Way you are". I´ve decided to make this a series of arrangements, starting with the Blue Bossa arrangement I posted before, to arrangements I´ll post on later dates. But here we have my take on the Billy Joel song.

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Just the Way you are.gp4
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An excellent rendition of the original song. I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed. You have this intuitive knack for building flowing melodies, as well as strong harmonic backings.
I always thought the Billy Joel was made of cheese (and pasta), but he's got some strong musical ideas. I find that separating the vocals from the instrumental backing has significantly improved the song, which is typical for my taste. What I mean is that I rarely enjoy vocals taking a crap all over beautiful arrangements. It's unnecessary and taking at times.
But enough of my tirade.

I did find a couple things that were put me off. The 105-108 section was just really odd turn of events. The tonal color was a bit, atonal. Was that the purpose of this section? I don't remember it being in the original song either.
And the last 2 bars of the song; that tempo slowed seem really anticlimactic. I just couldn't feel it.

An enjoyable effort nonetheless sir.

I don't have anything for you to comment on yet, because I'm waiting to release my 300 bar smorgasbord. It's very disjointed, so naturally I'm gunna want you input on how to unify the my piece.
Screw it, I'm just gunna release it and see what happens.
Here's the link:
You've taken a lounge song, and somehow turned it into even more of a lounge song!

It's a tough piece to crit really. As beautiful a piece of music as it is, it's simply not that interesting to listen to, especially in the format it's in.

That said, you've done a fantastic job with your arrangement, and were you ever to record it, I really do think it would do the original justice.

A couple small negatives.

The phrasing of the melodies at times seemed to be a little awkward. It kind of felt like there were little rhythmic hiccups.

The solo, while being well written felt like it lacked soul. The notes were all good, but the phrasing was a little bland and static. After a melody like this, you really need to do something special for the solo.

Also, the final time you played the theme and the bridge itself were incredibly dull. Now, it's not a big deal if this is written with the intent to be pleasant background music, but if you really want people to sit and actively listen, you'll need to figure out a way to keep interest up.

If you'd like to return crit, either of the top two songs in my sig would be fine (Mr Cool is Gp6, so if you don't have it, skip that one)
I'm gonna start saying that I don't listen to jazz as a fan, I don't know that many artists or songs. But whenever a jazz song starts playing, I love it.
The arrangement you made is very nice. Guitar on intro was really well composed, going along nicely with the chords. The drums were amazing, my favortite thing about jazz is the feeling of the percussion parts, and I was impressed with yours .
Solo started nice as well, nice change on the drums. Bar 48 onward was great, possibly my favorite part of the song. I just love some octaves harmonies.
Bass playing the theme part was very cool, and then the whole band returning.
The Bridge part and Outro impressed me. I can imagine the emotional atmosphere at those parts, they are really beautiful.

You've got a gem, sir. Beautiful piece of music.