Any Ideas For A Title Would Be Welcome Anything Poetic and has a feeling of winter and despair to it


Beneath the pure snow rests my maimed* soul. Dormant. Mourning.
Where you once were, remains a feeble memory, a hollow void.
I fear not for death, but for our souls*. Left, gone, Forgotten.
A memory, a hollow void. Worn down, like a stone against water,

Winter's returned, an unwelcome harbinger of life.
A cruel reminder, a deliverer of pain.

The Moons illuminescant light, refracts off the disfigured snow.
The Trancendant light, refracts of off you. A distant memory, Long ago.
I drown myself in the moons tears, and my own self hatred.

An Amalgam of pain.
These long winter days.
Why won't you go away.

The words with * Are ones Im not sure about