My Ibanez S420's volume knob is really loose. It moves easily around when I adjust the guitar's volume and when I opened up the back to check, it moved around really easily from that side too. The knob works just fine, but I'm a bit concerned about the looseness of it. What exactly holds those things in place?
it should have a nut that screws on the top and holds it in place

do u see it there?
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remove the knob, you can do it by pulling the knob upwards whilst shaking it side to side
then you should see a nut, just get a spaner and tighten it up it sould be about 10mm
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I will try that. How hard should it be to remove the knob?

at first it can be hard, but do it sloly as you don't want to break the pot
most plastic knobs pull right off. (a couple have a tiny locking screw) if it seems snug, put a thin sock under the knob
and sling shot it off.

once the knob is off, then hold the pot from inside the guitar cavity, while tightening the nut found under the knob.

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