I'm going to be in the following cities from about the 16th of aug to like the 5th of september:


a rough itinerary goes as follows:

aug 16th - get the **** outta calgary
aug 18 or 19 - maybe get to chicago by this point
stay in chicago for just a day or two, include detroit somewhere along the way (but probably not for long)
aug 21 - toronto? unless I skip it and go straight to ottawa. Depends what there is to do there!
aug 23 - ****in' ottawa
aug 28 or 29 - maybe go to montreal by this point
aug 5 - fly away home

None of this is set in stone at all, it's just my tentative plans.

What I'm asking is for some shows and other cool stuff going on in these cities around these times. I looked around on the internet for a bit, but people who live around these places will be more likely to be privy to the infos than I will be.

Also, if anyone lives in these places and wants to hang out and walk around for a day, I may be down for that too!