I've been wanting to get some of my ideas on record, but I know nothing about recording music. From a bit of research, I've heard that Line 6 has some decent stuff...I was looking at the POD 2.0, which seems to have some good effects. Has anyone round here owned one, or have any experience recording with one? On top of that, would anyone recommend anything out there that I could use for very basic recording, and has a decent level of effects...for cheap plz...
Well all the recordings on my profile were made using the line 6 ux2 pod. Got some pretty good tones out of it. Obviously they aren't fantastic but they are pretty damn good. I recorded the songs on Cubase.
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I never recorded with one, but i own one and my mates in the Thrash band Executor use them when they play live. Its practically the same as a modelling effects amp ( Line 6 spider, Peavey Vypyr). The soun ds are a decent mix, though clean arent brilliant and you dont have a lot of control over tone. YOu could record with one very easy but id suggest http://www.samsontech.com/products/productpage.cfm?prodID=1969 i love it so much and am saving up for one . Heaps of variety
ite few pros use PODs actually (though don't expect pro quality without a lot of other high end equipment and skill) they work pretty well, I used to use one before I started using amplitube. Don't know how good that particular model is though.
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PODXT is pwnzorz! i bought one a few years ago and I'm in love with the tones it can produce. Its great if you want to record screamin guitars without waking the neighbors, and you can use it live, too. There are different add-ons you can get from the website, depending on your musical interests. You can back up your tones to the computer and download thousands of them online.
POD XT is great, as is all the Line 6 gear but it takes a tremendoes amount of knowledge about the tones inside of it to get what you want. All the stuff in my profile is recorded using Line 6 gear...a couple big name people that have used (and still do at times) Line 6 Gear are Michael Romeo of Symphony X and Per Nillson of Scar Symmetry