ok so about 4 months ago a bought a fender frontman 65r, its a good amp but its solid state so im thinking of trading it in (hopefully i get about $400 aus for it) to get some tubes.

im basically deciding between the following

Blackstar HT-5
Marshall Class 5
Bugera V22
Blackheart little giant combo
or the Vox ac4

i really want the blackstar because it seems pretty good but its the most expensive of the lot.

i play with a Gibson Faded flying v and i play metal, rock, grunge, some clean stuff and everything in between. To me a good clean is as important as a good overdrive in this amp.
First of all, you are NOT getting $400 for a Frontman, ANY Frontman. Secondly, if cleans are just as important as your high gain tone, you may want to save a bit for a Bugera 6262 combo.
i own the ht-5 and i love it one of the reasons the blackstar is pretty expensive is it has way more features than most amps, it's ideal for what you want to play definetly go and try one
Well, I have a Bugera V55, which is just the V22 with more wattage. It's a really sick amp. It has wonderful cleans, a killer reverb switch, and though it takes a little to find good settings for it, the dirty channel can get pretty crunchy.
A few other cool features are a Triode/Pentode switch (which can cut the output in half for bedroom practice and recording) and what Bugera markets as an "Amazing Switch," which lets the amp switch between 4, 8, and 16 ohm output, which is ridiculously convenient.

Something I have noticed is that it's a pretty noisy amp. I run a MXR smartgate and that takes out most of the noise, even at very high levels.

At the least, if you don't like the amount of distortion on the dirty channel, you can use it as an overdrive channel and get a good distortion pedal to use on the clean channel.

It's a really good amp for the money, especially now that Bugera has finally gotten to making good quality amps.

EDIT: Goddamn, I sound like a salesman from Bugera. They should hire me....
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which of these amps would be able to be heard over drums in a practise/gig situation?
The Frontman 65R is around $400 new - even in Australia. If you can get $250 for it I'd take it.

Are you gigging?
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