i have a '98 cyclone (which a previous owner already modified, replacing the stock humbucker with what looks like a gibson humbucker). i like the guitar overall, particularly the neck (tex mex) pickup, however the sound is a little clunky for my taste by and large. i'd like to get a higher range/more telecaster like sound (within reason, obviously, thats a tall order from a cyclone).

what might be the best way to go about this?
what if i reversed the pickup positions? don't some teles come with the tex-mex pickups? would that produce a more desirable sound?
Desireable is subjective. I'm not sure what you want. I think you want your neck pup to sound like a tele neck pickup? In that case I'd just get a tele neck pickup. I love the sound of my mim tele stock pickups, although I'm not to picky (I play with my amp more than the guit for tone). I dunno about new pickups though. Maybe vintage noiseless? How do those things work anyhow?
actually i quite like the tone i get out of the neck pickup, its that humbucker that gives me trouble. so i guess i was wondering if switching it such that the tex mex was picking up the brighter end at the bridge, if that would dramatically alter the sound of the instrument and give it a more twangy or jangly sound? i guess another part of my concern here is that the humbucker produces a fairly distorted tone and i half wonder if that has something to do with its positioning...