Looking for an All Tube Head. Preferably in the 50-60 watt range, but I might consider higher or lower wattage heads. Would consider some 100-120 heads as well. But 50 watts would be perfect.

My budget is about $400. I also have things I would be willing to trade/and or trade plus cash added. Check out the gear in my profile, I will trade anything except for my SG.

Right now i'm mostly interested in the following heads:
Bugera 1990
Bugera 6260/62
Bugera 333XL
Peavey 5150/51550II/6505
Peavey XXX
Peavey Ultra
Marshall JCM 900/2000
Orange Tiny Terror
May consider older Ampeg and Traynor heads as well as other brands depending on what it is

Might consider a Blackstar HT-5 but only if it's the full mini stack.

Make me an offer/let me know what you have

**Only interested in All Tube Heads. No Line 6 or Crate amps of any kind**
i got a carvin legacy vl-100 with a 50/100 watt switch in back. and a bugera 6260 with matching cab. maybe that fender and some cash?