Sweet! It's a really cool idea. You could experiment with some other colors, maybe a blue, and space them out along the edges of the amp.
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I would get more lights so that the grill of the amp head would be outlined in that cool neon green. It goes with the other lit up parts of the amp. Looks good!

The Neon LED are 12v I got at Auto Zone for 5 bucks, I got a 9v batt. powering them till I hook them up to the fan 12v power.

When on a 12v power they are bright and light up the inside very well.

I will hook them up the same way my Randall RT503 was done.

I like the Blue Neon better like what the RT503 had in them but to change the V2 to Blue Neon would be a pain in the @ss.
You can get violet LEDs too. Same sort of brightness as the blue ones.
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