Ive been playing guitar for a few years but have only started to take it seriously in the past year. No matter what song i decide to learn at the time, it might take me a while, and when i finally get all of it down i feel on top of the world for a few days. After that brief moment, i convince myself whatever i learned was pretty easy cause i just learned it. On one hand it seems like a good thing that i shrug off some medium level songs as being easy and going for more difficult songs each time, but it seems to be taking a hit on my confidence level.

Im not a very good lead (solo) player, i can fiddle my way around the blues scales and such but never really seem to impress myself at all.

Some of the harder songs ive learned the past few weeks are

All Dark Graves (The Faceless)

The Great Plains (Scale the Summit)

Backbone (Gojira)

Most parts of Children of a Worthless God (Exodus)

Most Lamb of God songs minus the solos

and im currently working on some periphery

Now prior to learning these songs i pretty much saw the guitar parts as pretty damn good, until i learned how to do them and realized it wasn't too bad difficulty wise.

Am i just being too hard on myself? Are there any good tips on building up confidence? Most people that hear me play think im great, but then again when i didn't play guitar i thought Green Day was great guitar playing...

I apologize for the long post/ramble

Thanks in advance anyone who posts
The best advice for confidence that I can give? I just be comfortable with your playing. If you convince yourself that your "just okay" or whatnot, then your confidence level will be "just okay."

It also helps to take lessons, Lessons from a decent teacher will help you expand you knowledge of scales, theory, technique, and phrasing, which when all used together, will improve your leads, and your confidence.

So, Basically? Just keep on rockin', and rock hard bro
I would say you're being a bit hard on yourself, dude. Heres what helps me with my confidence: Everytime I start to think that what I just played is "Okay" I put the thought with the face of someone I hate, who is musically retarded, then metaphorically punch it in the face and replay what I just played with more attitude and conviction than before. It might not work for you so try whatever you can to make yourself feel more confident. Pretend you're James Hetfeild or someone. As for your lead playing, learn every scale out there and work on your phrasing. You'll be the next George Lynch in no time