I'd like a simple bit of gear I can use to see if used guitars in garage sales are working...or i can use to pluck away in silence when camping, etc.

I came across these micro-amps on Ebay that plug directly into the guitar outlet and can be used with ipod earphones.

Has anyone tried one of these?...Is the sound even 'half-decent' just for a bit of practice or to determine if electronics are working?

(the photo is of one device, but there are other similar concepts)

Thanks. any input appreciated
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i have the amplug ac30 with decent headphones i get a passable sound nothing compared to my real amp but its fine for practice or playing at 3 in the morning
I feel like Vox has a whole line of tiny amps you can plug headphones into.
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thanks for the input

Sometimes I'll practice unplugged...even if they are not great are they better than nothing or do they mess up the sound?

Also, it you were buying a used guitar at a garage sale, etc. could you determine if the volume and tone controls were working ok...or is there not enough clarity?
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Vox amplug. I've got one and it sounds pretty damn decent for $40
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