So am going to Berklee's 5 week summer performance program next week and i still can't decide on which song to play on the audition, It has to be around 2 minutes long, right now I have:
1) Eugene's trickbag by Steve Vai
2) Drifting by Andy Mckee

I wanted to play something unusual, but that at the same time shows skills, am going for the rock program but i can play whatever genre I want. Which one should I play? or if you got another song similar to these two.
Neither of those are particulalry unsual, Im sure for guitarists who are looking to play rock at the highest degree of technique and musicality. If you really want to be unsual, pick something further left of center, but at the same time, something that shows your skill, and more importantly what you love to do.
but im sure a solid performance of either of those will be good for the audition. when i attended that program (2 years ago) there was no audition and it was amazing, I learned a lot, had fun and practiced guitar 4-6 hours a day. Its an amazing program, and it showed me that I had what it took to pursue music in college (though I did not end up at berklee) and hopefully, as a career.