Hey, so I'm in a band and we want to record some of our stuff but the only things we have available for now are our phones for recording, and that is not very helpful. We are looking to buy some recording equipment for guitar and singing. And any other lame program we have tried using has a lot of static and unwanted background noises. so if anyone could give me some suggestions on recording equipment that you use and like using, it would help us greatly.

What's your budget? You're going to need some microphones, and an audio interface. A new Shure SM57 microphone will run you $100, and you can get a decent audio interface for about $150.
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Assuming you have a good enough computer already:

1. a DAW. This is the software that you will actually be recording in, I recommend you get Reaper because it can be used for free.

2. A microphone. This depends, are you recording electric guitar or acoustic, it may be best to get more than one for vocals/guitar.

3. An audio interface, maybe a M AUDIO fast track PRO.

4. Good studio monitors - cost £100+

But it all depends on your budget, we need more info!
Alright so my budget would probably be about $250 at the most, and we'll probably be recording both electric and acoustic.