hi, i've been looking around online and in-store, but i decided to try my luck on here.

first, i am looking for a guitar. something that plays metal well. some of the brands and models i am interested in are the following:
Shecter - C1 Series
Ibanez - RG Series, MTM2
ESP/LTD - EC Series, M Series
if you are selling one of these, i am a serious possible buyer. i will consider anything though. my budget is $500 max. i am also willing to trade some of my gear:
Guitars - Epiphone Les Paul 100 (Ebony), PRS SE Custom 22 (Trans-Grey), Epiphone Acoustic
Amps - Peavey Vypyr 30W (probably will not trade), Fender Frontman 25R (75W)

second, a friend of mine is looking for an amp. he wants something that will sound good playing hard rock and metal. i don't know what brands he is interested in. his budget is around $400. i put this on here because he isn't having much luck either.

These are the two guitars i am looking to sell. The first one is a Jackson RR3, it currently has a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck, bolt on, jackson trem. It comes with the Jackson molded hardshell case. I am looking for 400 + shipping.

The next guitar is a LTD V-500, this the same thing as the new LTD-401 string thru. It has an emg81 in the bridge and an emg 60 in the neck, set neck, grover tuners and comes with the ESP molded harshell case. I am looking for 500 + shipping

The picture for the RR3 is a couple of months old, it shows with emgs and those arent in there. The electronics are now 1 volume + killswitch.

I have an Ibanez RG320DX in a deep blue that i will sell ya for 250 + shipping. Has an original floyd rose tremolo, i can email pictures if requested.
sorry guys, i forgot to say i can't get something with emg's because i have a digital modelling amp (peavey vypyr), apparently they don't go together well.
yeah man that thing is sweet. i don't think i am the guy to buy it though. i found a really nice schecter for under $400 and i think i'm gonna go for it. sorry if i wasted your time. good luck with your sale, to all of you.

i am no longer looking for a guitar, however, my friend still need an amp.
jackson dkmgt $400 shipped to continental US. EMG passives w/ EMG turbocharger (will sound great into modeling amp, i ran it into a duoverb for quite a while a few years back). it is in great shape, actually near flawless. metallic blue. pm for pics.
sorry, i forgot about this thread. i bought a schecter c-7 this week, however, i don't like it and am already looking to trade, so if you guys are interested i have a thread for it called "fs/ft: schecter c-7"
I have a crate VTX 200S for sale

It is a solid state 200W amp with 2 12" Celestion speakers, 3 channels, separate EQ for each channel, built in reverb and effects, casters, and a footswitch.
This amp is by far the best sounding solid state amp I've ever played, real natural tone to it with enough versatility to get nice shimmery cleans and thick meaty gain.
I'd played everything from jazz to hair metal on this and it all sounded excellent, great for small/medium gigs and recording.

Amp is in great condition, only a few scuffs are on the footswitch.

Asking price: $300 + shipping and I'll throw in a 25ft Planet waves cable, gold plated w/ banana springs
jesus a hellraiser for $825 before shipping? that's almost what they go for new. anyway I've got a crate blue voodoo bv120 i'm looking to sell...maybe $350 shipped if your buddy is still looking for an amp.
he doesn't want a crate, he has one now and it's a piece of shit..thanks for the offers though