i was wondering if anyone knew anything about walden guitars. they seem to be really nice and not very expensive but theres not alot of info on them
They aren't bad guitars. In fact, I've played a few over the years that I found to be rather decent guitars. They're not a brand that usually stands out from the crowd, which is both a good thing and a bad a thing. They aren't known to be the best guitars in their range, but they also aren't known to be the worst.

They're a guitar I'd recommend to someone if they sat down, tried one, and simply loved it. But if you were looking to buy online, here are other brands that are more reliable in their quality.
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i was looking at the g740ce by them because at that price its the only guitar i could find that was electric and had a solid top and back. do u know anything about it
i've found walden to be a consistent brand, and the ones i've tried were good quality and i liked the sound. i haven't tried this particular guitar, but it sounds like a good deal. have you tried it in person? if not, can you buy it with an approval period?
I own a Walden G630ce, and I can assure you., its the best acoustic guitar under £1000 that i have played. I absolutely love it. But that said, you really should try it out. I probably wouldnt have bought my guitar online, but having played it, I bought it over a vast range of Taylors, Seagulls, Takemines and Yamahas, simply because it was suited to me.

You'd be far better off trying it out before you splash your cash, but I can vouch that they do make some incredibly under-rated guitars for the price.
ive plyed a couple of other models and they seem to be really nice so i might order it online.