I'm building a guitar and am wondering how to install the nut... I have an Earvana compensated nut (Fender-style, 1 11/16 spacing) and a fretboard from LMI.

I'm confused because the nut comes in two parts- a base and an adjustable top, and the base itself is about as thick as the fretboard. Most stratocasters seem to have the nut installed in the fretboard, but only cut partway into it.

Do i need to file down the bottom of the nut? Should i cut through the fretboard to mount it?

Pac Man
Yeah, which confused me more. In those instructions, his nut base is like this one:

And the one i have is like this one, but without the smaller piece. Just the base and the adjustable nut...

Now i'm starting to think i got the wrong product...